CLK Glass Splashbacks offer a faster professional service

CLK Glass Splashbacks are dedicated to service and quality. CLK Glass Splashbacks is one of Sydney's leading suppliers of glass splashbacks.

Green Glass Splashback from CLK Glass Splashbacks

CLK Glass Colour

As a modern and sleek alternative to tiles, coloured back glass splashbacks are being used to suit any application from small renovation jobs through to large commercial projects. CLK Glass Splashbacks have a wide range of colours including metallics. We are also able to mix colours to order.

We are able to mix all Dulux colours. Please be aware that colours will look much shinier through glass, so will not necessarily look exactly the same as your paint. It is often safer to consider a slightly contrasting colour.


Ruby Tuesday

Glasurite Red

Naked Light


Hot Ginger

Ran Sunset

Apricot Fool


Log Cabin

Exploding Star

Pascol Bronze

Lunar Dust



Satin Green


Magentic Blue

Water Raceway

Breezy Quarter



Emperor Jewel

New Love



Rich Biscut

Gran Piano

Coarse Silver

Colours appear very differently from computer to computer, both on the screen and when printed with different printers. This page, when viewed on the Internet, can only give an approximate indication of the actual colour of the CLK Glass Splashbacks.

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